Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Caught a showing of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes last night! Good movie, about as good as the reviews/ hype surrounding , which is increasingly rare these days.

Excellent special effects [motion capture, cgi, etc...] San Francisco looked great in all its post pandemic glory; acting was good overall, and the mood and pacing of the movie were consistent and satisfying throughout.


Snowpiercer, loaded with a great Western/ Korean cast and a unique post apocalyptic plot, is a solid film and well worth a watch. Set in the near future following a man-made ‘frozen apocalypse’ meant to curb rampant global warming; Snowpiercer takes place entirely within in the closed ecosystem of a class divided train. Song Kang-ho adds another solid train performance to his resume, adding on a strong ‘Weird’ in The Good, The Bad, The Weird.

Starting at the back of the train Snowpiercer tells the story of class struggle, humanity, and balance through the lens of Wilford’s rapturesque perpetual locomotive. The Andrew Ryan to Chris Evans’ Jack, Snowpiercer certainly has a Bioshock feel to it, taking the viewer through an imaginative and beautiful world contained within a few dozen rail-cars containing the lasts remnants of humanity.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Re-watched Rise of the planet of the apes last night, it is a much better than expected re-boot of the long standing franchise. Having suffered through 2001′s not very good Tim Burton remake; it is nice to see the Boulle classic finally getting the attention it deserves.

I remember checking out the five original planet of the apes movies from the library on VHS back in the late 90′s… plot twits including a society of underground telepathic humans who worship an atomic bomb, viruses that kill all of earths beloved pets, and a plot reversal of the first film in which the apes become the time travelers.

Rise was out and out a solid movie, and not just a passable genre film… owing its success to exceptional special effects [Serkis redefines motion capture once again], a solid plot, and a stable of great performances from well known actors.

Looking forward to the next installment ‘Dawn’, in theaters this week!

Tour de France

This years edition of the Tour is back in the saddle. I am looking forward to getting up early and catching much of the cycling before heading to work; as always, my DVR will be working overtime.

Starting in the UK this year, the tour is already off to an exciting start; with famed British Sprinter Mark Cavendish already out for the Tour, nearly taking Gerrans with him. British roads were crazy packed, as cycling is seeing a great resurgence in popularity across the pond in recent years!

It will be exciting to see if Van Garderen or Talansky can become the first *legitamite* american to win since LeMond in 1990. If not Sagan, Nibali, Contador or any number of strong riders could easily take the yellow this year!

Ride on!

Gaming – Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Picked up a new game on steam tonight: Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

If you like indie games [especially the likes of Limbo/ Braid, etc...] you will enjoy this one, especially if you are a history buff. Its a pretty straight forward puzzle platformer and well worth the $15 Steam pickup [or PS/XBLA if you are a console gamer].

The game is set in WWI and features characters from both sides of the trenches. History blends well into this multi-character platformer; making for a well fleshed out story complete with classic boss battles and cut-scenes; and who doesn’t love the classic defeat the pickelhaub wearing zeppelin commander with the Reimes Cathedral pipe organ battle!

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Hello and welcome to my website, this site will serve as both a social and professional outlet for my thoughts, aspirations, musings, and complaints. Having squatted on this domain and www.popebc.com [auto redirect ftw!] for a number of years now, I have finally mustered the impetus to begin writing/ posting in earnest. As the title of this post suggest, this site may end up turning into a Joycean voyage of existential discovery and stream of consciousness ramblings, or simply  a collection of pretentious musings [lets hope not].

So a little about me:

After 6 years of Architecture School and 3 years of post-graduate work, I have finally obtained a License to practice Architecture, which is kind of a big deal!… I am hoping to take this new found purpose and create something meaningful and lasting with my life; what that is, I haven’t a clue…

I enjoy learning new things [browsing Wikipedia, reading novels,watching documentaries, etc...] Cycling, Gaming, and Traveling.

Above all else I have a desire to better understand the world around me, seeking to be perpetually humbled by the majesty, grandeur, and complexity of human civilization and the natural world!